About the UKCBN

The UK Craft Beer Network is a group of people that is built up from Home Brewers, Craft Brewers, Beer Enthusiasts and Beer Drinkers which are all welcome at the UK Craft Beer Network. By bringing a wide range of people together, our mission is to help people to learn more about their passion for beer and at the same make new friends and have a laugh.

It does not matter if you just drink Craft beer, if you brew it or are employed by the industry, the UKCBN is here to help promote and educate people about good beer and as a place where our members can socialise and share their passion and experiences.

For homebrewers, the UK Craft Beer Network will be a valued network to share your home brewing problems and at the same time help others that may have problems and want to learn more.

Membership is free and provides access to extra content, events and offers which are only available to our members.