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It has become a bit of a habit this month to come home from work, open the beer fridge and crack open a bottle of beer, that in most cases, I haven’t tried before. Whilst I’m not normally in the habit of buying a bottle of beer every day, I was treated by my other half to the Ales by Mail craft beer advent calendar, so 24 days of a new beer every day.


Here we are on day 22 with just 2 beers left in the box and a golden envelope to open on the big day. So by now I have had plenty of chance to decide what I thought of it.


Over the past 22 days we have seen a wide range of beer from Tiny Rebel – Cwtch, the current champion beer of Britain,festive beers, like the Hardknott – Figgy Pudding, and a couple of less crafty offerings like Brains – I Sea Santa. I’ve certainly enjoyed the journey and have found some new beers and breweries I will be looking out for in future. If you are not interested in any of the plethora of beer discovery clubs that have been springing up, then this could be a great way to discover new beer without any commitment to ongoing subscriptions, or monthly delivery charges to keep paying.


Here are the beers and my Untappd scores for each of the bottles in this years calendar, with 2 left to go.

Now updated with the last 2 beers.

If you got a calendar, please let us know which one and what you thought of it, as I am definitely going to grab one again next year.

2015-12-01 18.18.02 2015-12-02 19.11.28 2015-12-03 19.45.13 2015-12-04 18.06.01 2015-12-05 17.53.35 2015-12-06 18.41.23 2015-12-07 16.40.14 2015-12-08 16.31.59 2015-12-09 16.05.14 2015-12-10 16.49.44 2015-12-12 18.45.31 2015-12-12 20.32.59 2015-12-14 17.36.30 2015-12-15 18.56.04 2015-12-16 16.51.07 2015-12-17 17.12.22 2015-12-17 18.30.17 2015-12-18 18.02.38 2015-12-19 19.34.46 2015-12-20 18.19.00 2015-12-21 18.01.10 2015-12-22 19.57.43 2015-12-24 16.07.05 2015-12-24 13.45.20
Hop On Or Die - DOA IPA by Cervecería Mexicana S. de R.L. de C.V. (Tecate) - 4/5

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is an experienced home brewer, a qualified BJCP beer judge, organiser of the Welsh National Homebrew Competition and sometimes Brewtuber under her home brewery name, Daft Cat Brewing

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