Dear Brewdog, Is homophobic torture and even murder a joke to you?

Putins-packageToday Brewdog have made much of their latest release which they say satirises Russia’s anti-gay law.

As Hello My Name is Vladimir is clearly marked ‘not for gays’ we should bypass the legislation introduced by Putin outlawing supposed ‘homosexual propaganda’, so Vlad shouldn’t have an issue with it. He might even invite us to ride bareback with him in the Siberian mountains.”

I have to wonder, is it in Scotland as a whole that these laws are considered a joke worthy of satire or just in one particular brewery there?

Since the anti-gay propaganda law was signed in 2013, these are the effects it has been having.

Attacks on gay people with at least one attack reportedly leading to the death of the victim, and despite video evidence of some of this torture, no charges have been made against the perpetrators.

A overall rise in anti-gay violence It is even going so far that Recently an MP in the Siberian region of Zabaikalsk called for a law allowing gays to be publicly flogged by Cossacks.

People openly setting up traps to catch and torture gay people on dating sites.

A guy arrested because he dared to say that “being gay and loving gays was normal whilst beating them up and killing them was a crime”.Vlad-Label-copy-3

If you are Russian you can consider yourself lucky if you get a fine of upto nearly £4,000 because if you are a foreigner then its the fine, arrest of upto 15 days and deportation and if you are an organisation that dares to say being gay is ok and not something completely abhorrent then you face  fines of up to one million rubles and a shutdown of their activity for 90 days.

This is the situation now faced by gay people in modern day Russia. This is what Brewdog have decided to turn into a joke. Are Brewdog completely ignorant of the impact these laws are having, or have they just taken such a deliberately insensitive stance in order to court controversy in the name of publicity?

Sorry Brewdog, I may respect what you try to do for beer and brewing, but when people are living their lives under constant threat of physical violence, torture and imprisonment just because they are gay, that may be a joke to you but it is life and death to them and shows that you have absolutely zero social conscience.

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Sarah Written by:

is an experienced home brewer, a qualified BJCP beer judge, organiser of the Welsh National Homebrew Competition and sometimes Brewtuber under her home brewery name, Daft Cat Brewing


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