Home-brewing In The UK

Chilling the wort
Chilling the wort


It seems to be a common view in the UK that if you mention home-brewing to anyone who does not brew at home you get a response of ‘oh that stuff that gets you drunk quick’ or ‘it tastes horrible’.

As you may well already know home-brewing in the UK has come a long way since the late 70s and the 80s when ingredients were not so fresh and people did brew at home to get drunk quick. These days ingredients have changed. Home brewers are inspired by craft brewers and other home brewers to brew good beer at the same time as learning from other home brewers using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. On YouTube there is such a thing called homebrew Wednesday where home brewers from around the world post videos to share their brewing experiences every week and of course sharing each others’ beer (aka beer mail).

While there seems to be a craft beer revolution going on in the UK, I think this may also slowly be happening with home-brewing. The amount of clubs is growing – both online and locally. Similarly, home brew shops are growing in number too.

If there is one thing that is certain; home-brewing is fantastic whether it be kit brewing or full out all grain brewing. We all get together and make new friends, have a laugh and a joke, taste each others’ homebrew and most of all brew beer that we brew to our own taste.

AlexMJ76 Written by:

Founder and CEO of the UK Craft Beer Network. I also love home brewing.

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