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Now this has to be one of the most interesting hombrews i have ever done. After selling all of my homebrew gear earlier in the year due to financial reasons, i really started to get itchy about wanting to brew something at home. After thinking for some time if i should just do a kit. After all, i had sold my all grain equipment so brewing an all grain beer was not in the question until i had a brain wave!

Although i hmashtun with pegsad sold my mash tun, kettle and wort chiller i still had my plastic buckets all fitted with taps, a hop bag and a 17L stew pot. This got me thinking. Next i need something to brew. Ah yeh, I will try and clone a beer brewed by Brasserie St Germain (or page 24) in France called Rhubarb IPA. So after building the recipe in Beersmith i ordered the ingredients.

So i put the hop bag inside one of the plastic buckets and used some pegs (in disguise from the wife) to hold the hop bag in place while i mashed in. I decided to mash in at 67C for 60 minutes. Once i had mashed in i took the pegs off the bucket holding the hop bag in place and placed the lid on the bucket then covered the bucket in a dressing gown and a very thick duvet for 60 minutes. I was bricking it thinking to myself that the bucket would lose too much heat. Any how, after 60 minutes i uncovered the bucket and took a temperature reading. To my surprise the mash had only lost 1c! I was very happy with this. Next i used a colander from the kitchen cupboard to sparge at 77C. I managed to get almost a full kettle out and hitting my pre boil gravity of 1.061. The kettle took almost 35 minutes to reach boil on my gas stove but once it had i managed to reduce the heat to a very steady rolling boil.

After the boil had finished i simply transfered the hot wort to another clean plastic bucket to cool down over night since i had no wort chiller. Next morning i airated the wort with a sanitised brewing spoon and pitch a White Labs WLP530 yeast in to it. I will add the rhubarb in the secondary fermentaion as i think it adds more flavour to any beer when using natural fruits. It’s a bit like dry hoping but only dry fruiting!

Mashtun with colander for sparging 17L all grain home brew kettle Belgian Rhubarb IPA

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Founder and CEO of the UK Craft Beer Network. I also love home brewing.

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