New seasonal beers for February 2014

What normally seems one of the longest months of the year is now behind us. That long January where everyone is recovering from the excesses of Christmas and where it has almost become a tradition for some people to have a “Dry” month. If anyone did do a Drynuary, then The first of February is probably a welcome sight and you are looking forward to a decent beer or two.

It seems that more and more craft brewers are starting to do regular seasonal special brews now, I am not just referring to the age old practise of offering one particular beer or style only at certain times of the year, based on harvest or other seasons of the year, but to the more recent practise of making a new limited edition beer that is only available for a short period before it is gone, sometimes to never be seen again. Some brewers do a special each quarter and some do a different brew only available for a month. Of course, there are also others that do not do any specials and just stick to the same core beers all year round, however the number of people who do that seems to be on the decline, as brewers look for ways to keep the beer drinker coming back for new and exciting experiences.  It is also a way to allow your brewing team to shine and innovate as well as producing your core products.

As is always the case, some brewerys are happy to provide much more information about any particular beer than others. This is something that I hope we see a lot more of where the brewery starts to become aware of the rise of the more discerning drinker who is actually interested in what goes into a beer, and how it is produced, rather the just making a decision based solely on the name or pump clip graphics. Whilst knowing a beer uses Galaxy or Fuggles hops may not make a difference to many drinkers, it certainly tells an ever growing percentage of them the sort of flavour and aroma they can expect from your beer.

If you are a UK craft brewery and have regular seasonal beers, let us know about it and we will include you in our next roundup.


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St. Austell Ruck and Roll - 4% - Ruck & Roll is a rugby themed beer and timed to perfection to climax with the highlight of the rugby year, the Six Nations tournament. Amber in colour with a full yet dry palate balanced by fruity hops. This is a classic cask conditioned beer with depth, structure and integrity. - January to March 2014



Sarah Written by:

is an experienced home brewer, a qualified BJCP beer judge, organiser of the Welsh National Homebrew Competition and sometimes Brewtuber under her home brewery name, Daft Cat Brewing